In Progress / Saint PAUL HMONG hEW YEAR / Freedom library / Indigenous Roots Cultural arts center / hmong elder center

11.01.18 - 06.30.20


Artwork expressing the diversity of Hmong experience through a family lens. Artwork is a collection of iconic In Progress artwork integrated with new pieces created as part of the Becoming Hmong Dialogue and Artmaking Series.






Becoming Hmong offered a series of conversations about the ever changing shapes of Hmong identity. Dialogues focused on asking questions such as: What is Hmong? Do you think about what it means to be Hmong or has it never crossed your mind? Or are you somewhere in between knowing with confidence and never having considered searching for an answer?

These few questions quickly reveal the complex dynamics families deal with when trying to define what it means to be Hmong. The answers differ dramatically and have been shaped by life experience. And it is these complexities that are rarely discussed or honored within the telling of a Hmong life. Becoming Hmong dialogues reflect the search for understanding how being Hmong continues in the face of institutional narratives, changing landscapes and the adaptations that take place with each generation . Dialogues are not intent on finding answers, but instead honoring stories.


Family Portraits

To date 10 families have participated in Becoming Hmong . They have included couples, siblings, and grandparents. Simple portraits bring to life the diversity of contemporary Hmong families and demonstrate the joyful moments experienced in the process.


Program Documentation

Becoming Hmong includes dialogues, creative artmaking and opportunities to share ideas. Below are some photographs that demonstrate the quality of the experiences and the power of sharing stories that have taken place with this program.

Creative Artmaking