LilLy Bozeman




Lilly Bozeman is learning photography.  She's from Saint Paul, MN,  is 15 years old and attends Twin Cities Academy as a freshman.    She began taking photographs using her smart phone when she was twelve. Her attention has always been on family, friends with a strong focus on animals and nature.

This year Lilly has worked with her mentor Melissa Vang to learn the art of photography, specifically with pet portraiture.  She has learned to work with a professional DSLR Photo Camera, and is in the process of building her skill set in photo based software.   When not working with animals, Lilly enjoys getting out and and capturing beautiful moments in nature.


  • DSLR Camera operation and technique
  • Photography vocabulary and aesthetics;
  • portraiture shooting techniques;
  • backdrops and lighting;
  • use of natural light in the portraiture process;
  • handling humans and their animals during portrait sessions.
  • live photographic technique.


I photograph mostly dogs but there are a few picture of cats sprinkled into my work.  When I photography I work to convey the emotions of each animal whether they are sleepy,happy, or just curious.  Pets have different feelings and emotions just like people and through photography I found I could show each one's different personality.

Before I began studying photography, I took photographs of my dog Roger and my  kitty cat Bajju. They were always fun to take pictures of in my house. It made me want to expand to other dogs and different settings.

Just starting, I would try to get each animal to stand completely still, but I soon found out that wasn't going to happen. I had to learn how  take pictures in a way that matched the movements of each different animal, while applying my understanding of the technical operation of the camera - both at the same time.  

When I first started working with a digital camera, I  didn't know a lot about lighting and the manual settings of a camera.  Through practice and guidance from my mentors I was able to learn how to work using both artificial and natural lighting. I got more comfortable with manual settings and learned how to work with the different temperaments of each animal.

Something that people notice first about  my photographs is how cute and colorful each animal is. Looking over this sea of puppy faces makes most people feel happy.  It's fun to look at each one and see their feelings and emotions.


Digital Journeys PhotoShoot 01.21.18