LilLy Bozeman




Lilly Bozeman is learning photography.  She's from Saint Paul, MN,  is 15 years old and attends Twin Cities Academy as a freshman.    She began taking photographs using her smart phone when she was twelve. Her attention has always been on family, friends with a strong focus on animals and nature.

This year Lilly has worked with her mentor Melissa Vang to learn the art of photography, specifically with pet portraiture.  She has learned to work with a professional DSLR Photo Camera, and is in the process of building her skill set in photo based software.   When not working with animals, Lilly enjoys getting out and and capturing beautiful moments in nature.


  • DSLR Camera operation and technique
  • Photography vocabulary and aesthetics;
  • portraiture shooting techniques;
  • backdrops and lighting;
  • use of natural light in the portraiture process;
  • handling humans and their animals during portrait sessions.
  • live photographic technique.



Digital Journeys PhotoShoot 01.21.18