Kue Chang







Created outline and established a CD concept with specific songs and song titles and did completed a recording with Vong. Project in progress. 




Artist Statement

I haven't created enough films yet to develop my unique and personal style, but it shall come with time and experience. In terms of influences, I find shows like Orange is The New Black, Attack on Titans, and Once Upon A Time inspiring because of they're captivating stories and intriguing characters. It's really difficult for me to get into shows. My artistic interests do expand beyond film. I love novels and novel-writing and my role models are Sherman Alexie, John Green, and Rainbow Rowell.

I desire to tell stories that are often underrepresented in mainstream media and empower people by sharing such stories. I believe everyone benefits from learning about experiences and backgrounds that are different from one's own. Growing up and even now, I yearn for stories that include and focus on people of color, LGBTQ persons, and low-income people. There are some stories with protagonists from these demographics but they are rare, and I want more.

It's important for me to tell stories because that's how I connect with people. It's how most, if not everyone, connect with each other and create understanding. I view telling stories as an opportunity to better the world and do good. Also, I simply have a natural tendency to enjoy evoking people's emotions, entertaining them, and engaging them to think critically about societal issues and the human experience.

I think one of the most difficult challenges as a rising artist is not having a strong network of people to work with, especially in regards to films. Though it is not an absolute rule, filmmaking usually requires a team of artists for a successful project, and I feel that I don't have that social capital to even begin a project. I am comfortable writing, editing, and acting but not operating a camera nor engineering sound. However, I am slowly meeting people and building a network of people that I can potentially collaborate with in the future.