Laurine Chang

writer / performer / storyteller / leader  

writer / performer / storyteller / leader


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Writing, performance, text, and readings are the artistic disciplines I am dedicated to.  I want to move more into film, recording, videos, and typography.  Being a role model and mentor motivates me to create and craft art so that I can engage others, especially youth to empower them to leverage a sense of creativity and expression as a personal outlet to their life journey and growth.


Artist Statement

Art serves as therapy for me. It is an outlet to life experiences, losses and gains, social issues that are important to me, and a teaching and learning tool. It is also challenges me to seek different ways to tell my story expressively and share it with others who may also be looking for an answer or shared experiences.

Finding and setting aside time to intentionally work on my craft is the hardest struggle. Also, having a space or network of artists that are supportive, encouraging, provides critical feedback, and checks in on you and your art is a struggle yet very necessary for growth and motivation.