Nikol Imani Dowls

photographer / multidisciplinary artist  

photographer / multidisciplinary artist


portfolio samples


Ni'Kol M. Dowls often referred to as Imani Ni'Kol ( Imani meaning faith in Swahili). Ni'Kol's love for arts started at the age of 4 when she completed reading the Giving Tree on her own. She quickly fell in love with the combination of writing and illustration. She currently combines her love of photography, body movement, and writing to express the world around her. Ni'Kol is a self-taught artist who uses internships, networking, volunteering, and online resources to advance her craft. Ni'kol hopes to express herself, facilitate groups & workshops, change her community, to elevate her activism, and to mentor and teach others.


Artist Statement

Each series I create has a different amount of collaboration or input from others. America's Stepchild was the first series that I did not allow others feedback in the process. I had a vision in my head of the first piece created with paint and asked an artist friend of mine if he was willing to help me create and not talk or give feedback and asked the first model the same, they happily agreed. That night I wrote from what started as a place of anger that I realized was hurt and that hurt came from neglect and confusion. I usually create with the TV, or radio, or YouTube poetry which all go into my work. I dreamed up a 11 scene series to describe what brought me to the emotions I was feeling. The symbolism i use in this series was meant to show a confliction of feelings. As a black woman in America who grew up in what was black middle class, who has a passion and thirst to experience all things  I have found I was taught to blend easily into all situations and surroundings as an artist for the last year I have been living my life not blending and becoming unapologetic about my likes, quirks, upbringing, and my expression.



I want to learn how to trust in the quality of my art work.  I seek mentorship and opportunities to connect and network with other artists.


Present myself fully as a practicing artist, not defined by one medium. To have professional conversations with a sense of comfort and ease in how I engage with others (removing ums...).  How do I describe myself as an artist?  I need to define a working title...  

written clarity on your integrated approaches to art expression.

practice presenting

engaging with more professional networks

technical support in photoshop (get Kris a list) 

Advanced level lighting techniques / focused subtle lighting.

Articulating the mixed media concepts of your artwork.

Exhibit at least 2 images in the fall that demonstrate a visual layering technique.

A portfolio edition that reflects this mixed media technique.  

set up coaching session with Katherina.  

Develop a one page brief on your work as a artist in residence.