quanisha hill

photographer / filmmaker / writer / teaching artist   

photographer / filmmaker / writer / teaching artist



Quanisha Hill is an emerging multimedia artist.  She lives in Saint Paul, is fifteen years old, and is a sophomore at Washington Tech. She began taking photographs at the age of 10.  At first she focused on taking portraits of family members, and then landscape and nature images.  But over the past year, her artwork, both photography and video, has begun to explore themes connected to her growing understanding of African American history and culture.  She currently works as a teaching artist and portraiture photographer for In Progress, working to benefit youth and families from the north end neighborhood of Saint Paul.    


Quanisha Hill is skilled in many forms of media creation, public presentation and teaching.  Skills include:

  • Professional DSLR camera operation;
  • Lighting and backdrop set up and operation;
  • Portraiture photography technique;
  • Video interviewing skills;
  • Scriptwriting and story development;
  • Event documentation in photography and video;
  • Post-production editing in photography and video.
  • Software applications:  Adobe Photoshop, Light Room, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Word, Pages, and Keynote.  
  • 4 years experience working with youth as a  peer mentor.
  • 2 years experience in leading community based portraitrature sessions.
  • Currently training as a professional teaching artist with an emphasis in photography.


Reclaim is a visual expression of the mysteries surrounding my African heritage. I chose to photograph myself with the Kente cloth because I wanted to show how even though I don’t know the roots of my African ethnicity, that I will not allow my true identity to be taken. My main piece includes me with the Kente cloth over my eyes showing how my African heritage is right in front of me and that even though I don’t know exactly what it is I am reclaiming, that I will not allow in these post-slavery times, to be taken from me. The series is called Reclaim because the Kente cloth represents to me my African roots and my wearing of it, shows how I am taking back what was once stolen from me.    --Quanisha Hill © 2017

The Black Panthers:  Taking A Stand Against the Mulford Act is a video documentary about the history of the Black Panthers Movement and their stand against the Mulford act, that prohibited the use of firearms in public spaces. The video was produced by Quanisha Hill for competition in state History Day for which the video received honorable mention.  © 2017

Pins & Needles, is a video poem about the fears and anxiety some youth live with in the public school environment.     The video was screened statewide and was selected to play in 3 local film festivals    © 2014