quanisha hill

photographer / filmmaker

photographer / filmmaker

my artwork

Pins & Needles, a video short about the state of education in Minnesota                       © 2014


Quanisha Hill was born on July 17th 2002 in St.Paul Minnesota. She began taking serious photos about 3-4 years ago. She began taking portraits but soon wants to begin taking landscape photography. Currently she does most of her photography work as an intern at In progress. She has made a couple of films one of which was about the disadvantages quiet students had. 

By the time she is 16 she wants to have a completed photography book. Which is a book that tells a story with no words, the pictures tells the story. She wants to travel the world taking pictures of everything she sees.


Artistic goals

Seeing photographers create amazing work out of things in their everyday lives inspires me to take photos of the path I take as an photographer. Most of my work has been about my personal live and I wish to continue to have that much of a bond with my work.



Currently I know how to edit video clips in IMovie and Final Cut Pro. Also I can teach and edit photos in Adobe Photoshop. I wish to learn how to edit my work in many more editing programs.