Please join us for Hmoob - a series of conversations and artmaking experiences about how to begin to identify who you are and where you want to be as Hmong. 

We are currently seeking 6-8 families to participate in 4 of these conversations between September and December, and from this grouping we hope to identify up to fifteen people to participate in creating artistic works that further the ideas presented. 

  • All ages are welcome and encouraged to join us.
  • Families, however they identify, are welcome.  
  • Artwork created during this experience will be shared publicly with the hope of igniting conversations throughout the Hmong Community.
  • No experience is required to participate
  • There is no cost
  •  Artists will be on hand to walk you and your families through each and every step.  
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9/24,10/8,11/12, 12/3
Families will gather for series of in-depth discussions about how to begin to identify who you are and where you want to be as Hmong. Each conversation in this series will build from one session to the next, expanding on stories shared and insights made by those participating.

Each session will also include a meal and room for everyone to speak.  

Sessions Take Place at In Progress on the following dates:
September 24 
October 8
November 12
December 3
Register Your Family Today
11AM - 2PM
10/7 ,10/14,11/11
Each participating family will identify 2 to 3 people to create digital artwork  Parents may choose to work with their children, siblings may pair up, or cousins and grandparents may choose to contribute.  The goal is to create a body of artwork - photos, video and music that publicly acknowledge the Hmong.

Three formal sessions will take place with professional artists providing their expertise and guidance.  Participants will learn how to take their ideas into an artistic form and they will develop creative working relationships with those they share a common experience with.  As projects develop, individualized sessions will be scheduled where families can receive specialized support and their ideas to a completed product.  

Sessions Take Place at In Progress on the following dates:
October 7
October 14
November 11
For more information about Hmoob / Hmong please email
or give us a call at

is presented by the following artists and educators
Yeeleng Vue
Jim Vue
Katherina Vang
Melissa Vang
Sai Thao

Artwork presented on this page were created by
Kazua Melissa Vang & Katherina Vang

In Progress is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to paving the way for new voices 
through the art of digital media creation and presentation.  

Special thanks to the MARDAG FOUNDATION for their generous support.