sadie jones hill

photographer / filmmaker / teaching artist


Sadie Hill Jones is an emerging photographer.  She lives in Saint Paul, is thirteen years old, and is a student at Washington Tech.  She began taking photographs at the age of 7.  For the past several years, she has documented community events, created imaginative bright collages of her family and has helped other young people learn and create photographic artwork.  She currently works for In Progress as a peer mentor and instructor in training.  Her more recent work demonstrates not only her artistic skill but also her ability to use art to open other’s eyes and speak to important issues facing young people.


Sadie Jones Hill is skilled in many forms of media creation, public presentation and teaching.  Skills include:

  • Professional DSLR camera operation;
  • Lighting and backdrop set up and operation;
  • Portraiture photography technique;
  • Event documentation in photography and video;
  • Post-production editing in photography;
  • Software applications:  Adobe Photoshop, Light Room, MS Word.  
  • 2 years experience working with youth as a  peer mentor.
  • Currently training as a professional teaching artist with an emphasis in community based visual and media arts exploration.


SIGHT WITHIN – Digitally Manipulated Portrait Collection by Sadie Hill Jones  © 2017

To be a young African American woman means to see and experience the world in a way that is very different than “white” or so-called “normal” teenagers.  We grow up being taught about racism and as kids we never really think that we will have to face it ourselves.  But as we move from child to adult, the differences between us and others become so vivid, and the anger of oppression begins to rise.  As teenagers we stay quiet – watching and learning - often unable to speak to what we know is not just.  We see the adults we hold high, sent to jail for speaking out, or watch them get killed for no “apparent” reason.  We see how the world will unfold for us once we grow up and are seen by others as a “threat”.  We see, but we don’t speak because there are two un-ending questions for which we have never heard an answer: “Why do we get treated differently because of our skin color?”  “Are we not all human?”   

OUR INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY – Digitally Manipulated Portrait Series by Sadie Hill Jones  © 2017

I chose to photograph my family because we all have extremely different personalities, yet we are still close and work well with each other’s differences.  Our varied ways of experiencing this world also make us strong.  We know that we can count on each other when needed.  We encourage each other and support each other no matter what because we are a family. 

AIR - video poem by Sadie Jones Hill © 2016

I made to see what it would be like to make a video © 2016

LET'S CELEBRATE - video short by Sadie Jones Hill © 2016

A video birthday wish for director Kristine Sorensen from so many of her In Progress friends and family.