Hlee Lee-Kron

journalist / media producer / organizer / teaching artist

journalist / media producer / organizer / teaching artist


Hlee Lee-Kron is a community based, globally minded storyteller in the Twin Cities. She is a photographer, communications professional, program manager, and organizational guru. 

She began her career as a young journalist working on a program for youth of color by youth of color. Through this experience, she was not only introduced to the production world, but also the world of diverse storytelling and organizing; understanding that everyone has their own story and their own journey, and those who not from the dominant culture rarely get their stories told by the mainstream media.

15 years later, she continues to follow her passion for diverse storytelling, working as a producer and independent contractor.  ,She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of St. Thomas and extensive experience working in diverse communities.


  • journalist

  • radio commentator

  • documentary filmmaker

  • graphic designer

  • pro level multi-media software skills

  • administrative organizer

  • teaching artist

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