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Digital Artmaking with Tribal Nations

Living Histories supports youth from tribal nations as  they weave together history and culture through the arts of digital media and writing.  It is a program that builds leadership skills for individuals living within a community.   The program was developed in 1998 and today serves several hundred people each year.   2018 partnerships include a series of projects with:

  • American Indian Community Housing Organization, Duluth 
  • Bad River Tribe in partnership with the American Lung Association of Minnesota 
  • Bois Forte Tribe in partnership with KBFT 89.9 Radio Station / Nett Lake Village / Lake Vermillion 
  • Bois Forte Tribe in partnership with Saint Louis School District / North Woods School, Cook 
  • Leech Lake Tribe in partnership with the Leech Lake Tobacco Prevention Program / Bena / S Lake / Cass Lake
  • Leech Lake Tribe in in partnership with the Bug O Nay Ge Shig School

Each community partner leads the project design and goals for Living Histories.  They also lead recruitment activities.  For more information please click on the button above or email executive director Kristine Sorensen at inprogress301@gmail.com. 

Artwork presented on this page were created by Joshua Strong, photograph of Téa Drift.

LIVING HISTORIES is made possible through the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts and our tribal partners.