Shu Lor is a Hmong-American Musician and Music Producer currently residing in Bloomington, Minnesota. Informally trained in music, much of Shu's musical knowledge comes from his love for musical instruments, industry professionals, and real world hands-on experience. Shu began producing music for local musicians in his hometown Morganton, North Carolina at age 13 and has not stopped since. He has worked and produced for a number of heavy-hitters in the Hmong community including Pagnia Xiong, Duce Khan, Phooj Ywg Band and many more. Shu has also provided an original score for the indie film, '1985' directed by Kang Vang and Twin Cities Public Television's, "The Secret War, a Ken Burns Documentary". Outside of the studio Shu can be seen on stage accompany live acts such as: Lor Chang and Friends, Still Hot, and Reflections Hmong. Shu is especially known for his work with his older brother Kong Lor in the acoustic duo, The Kong & Shu Project.


"It's simple. Whatever you do, do it from your soul."



The Kong & Shu Project (All Albums - Music Producer, Songwriter)

Pagnia Xiong (Ntseeg Kuv Album - Music Producer; Plhis Suab Album - Music Adviser)

Cody Lee (Dream Album - Music Producer)

Logo and Duce Khan (Hmloog Zoo Zoo Album - Music Producer)

Sheng Her (Khwv Li No Album - Music Producer)

Jason Thao (Nkauj Hnub Thiab Nraug Hli Album - Vocal Recording Engineer)

Sophie Lee (Beautiful Soul Album - Music Producer)

Every Valiant Oath (Tomorrow Sounds Good Album - Guitarist/Composer)

ERE EP (Composer/Producer)

Frogtown Beats (Frogtown Beats CD - Mixer)

'1985 the Movie' (OST - Music Producer, Songwriter, Composer)

'TPT, The Secret War, a Ken Burns Documentary' (Original Score, Composer)

Zoosi Animal Flashcard App (Sound Recordist)

Lor Chang & Friends (Guitarist)