Mary Randall




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Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite designers because he brings an element of shock to his clothing and the runway. I mostly admire him for allowing his imagination and creativity to run free.  Alexander McQueen went against the norms of fashion which created much controversy, but still continued to push his imagination to it’s fullest.  Surrealist artist Salvador Dahli is also a large influence because his images are striking, bizzare, yet so beautiful. At first glance, Dahli’s work may look odd, but if you take a closer look there is a much deeper story that sheds light on his own life. 


Artist Statement

I am motivated by community and environment. I have a community oriented lens which guides me through my creative processes. On a daily basis I am exposed to unfair situations and see others in unfair situations. My creative impulses stem from my need to make an even playing field for everyone. I would say that my passion for addressing societal issues motivates me to create! 

Expressing myself creatively is important to me because it is a way that helps me combat that struggles that I see in the world. Creative expression allows me to free my heart in a way that I otherwise may not have the words to express. Also, it is a way of making the differences in my community through a non-traditional way.  



As an artist, I think my biggest struggle is my ability to unleash my creative potential. I am someone who is full of ideas, but often times my ideas do not come to the surface because fear or judgments stand in the way. 

For me, gaining experience and confidence will help me become a stronger artist. I have not necessarily had the tools or opportunities to fully unleash my creative potential. Working with a mentor who can share their experiences would be extremely beneficial in helping me find my own creative outlets.