Eemanna Rivers

poet / spoken word artist / digital musician  

poet / spoken word artist / digital musician


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Eemanna Rivers was born on October 20th 1998 in south Minneapolis.  She started writing music at the age 13.  Soon after she found a music studio where she began learning basic recording techniques.    She continues to learn and practice her skills as a music artist, growing and developing with new artist she meets.

Eemanna was greatly inspired by the musicians she and her family listened to as a child.   As she grew up she developed a deep appreciation for the message and soul of the music that surround her. Her interest in creating hip hop started when she started finding her own music to listen to.  The most inspiring of which was many of the up and coming and underground hip hop artists.  Eemanna hopes her music will inspire new audiences and give her the opportunity to connect her message in the same ways she has been inspired.  



I am motivated at how art makes me feel.  I see it as a possible career and am in love with the idea of making something unique.  Creating music provides me with an outlet from the stresses of life.   I need this outlet due to stresses in my life.



I need structure - I desire to have it.  Balance.  I need access to tools and to be challenged by others to create with them.