Lula Saleh

Music / Spoken Word Artist

Music / Spoken Word Artist

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Created outline and established a CD concept with specific songs and song titles and did some recording. Project in progress. 



Lula Saleh (also known as Lula The Lily, formerly LXLVTHELILY) is an Eritrean and Ethiopian, Muslim poet, singer-songwriter, journalist, artist-organizer and third culture kid who was born and raised between Saudi Arabia, the U.K. and East Africa. She is a NEXUS Music Artist. 

ARtist Statement

Lula uses writing, music and performance as a form of storytelling, about her multiethnic and multicultural diasporic identities. As a singer, her genre is electronic soul/alt-rnb with jazzy undertones. Her eclectic musical influences reflect the diversity of her heritage and global upbringing, ranging from American rnb/soul, jazz, dance and house music, to Ethiojazz and traditional Eritrean sounds, to Arabic sounds influenced  by her Islamic and Saudi Arabian upbringing. 
Lula was a Givens African American Writer fellow, and has received state and region-wide recognition for her work as an artist. She has been a featured performance artist at Button Poetry, Intermedia Arts, the Minnesota Orchestra Hall, Pillsbury House Theatre, the Loft Literary Center, and more. Lula's song "Stardust" was also selected as one of 25 Minnesota artists in a Pollen Midwest feature honoring Philando Castile. 

As a poet, Lula writes about the intersections and notions of loss, home, and citizenship as an immigrant, third culture kid, Muslim woman, and a multiethnic African in the diaspora. As a musician, she sings and performs as "Lula the Lily". You can find her online at or on social media @lulathelily. 



I struggle with performance, stage fright, and over-thinking /anxiety around whether my art is good enough, or whether I’m qualified or have the background to make music.  I also struggle with how my community perceives me as an artist.  I’m also struggling with access to technology, the right recording or music making tools.

Being in a supportive, creative space, Getting both positive and constructive feedback from people qualified in the field.  Learning the ins and outs of audio recording/production, so I understand how to create good sound.  Learning beat-making tools and which mis to use, feedback on my song writing, and stage presence, more opportunities to perform, and even vocal training would be so helpful.  Also opportunities to collaborate with other Nexus artists.