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In an effort to foster community dialogue and pave the way for new voices in the tobacco control movement, The American Lung Association and In Progress offered a digital story telling workshop in Duluth, MN.  The training engaged leaders of all ages and backgrounds to develop their skills as digital storytellers and artists through the use of photography and video.  The media created by members of the collaboration are powerful, informative, and dynamic.  Together, the collective works capture a unique Duluth-based story that helps to inspire the viewer to add their voice and to take action. 

Our strength is our stories

Some stories will serve to help others on their journey to quit smoking, some stories encourage viewers to uncover their own stories about how tobacco has impacted their life.  All of the stories serve to  inspire local policy change efforts to combat the scourge of commercial tobacco in our community. 

The works will be shared using a variety of print, video and digital organizing techniques in order to expand the audience and inspire others to join of efforts to realize the #smokefreegeneration.  We hope you too will be inspired by these stories to take action and create change. Join us and add your story on Facebook at Lethal Lure MN.

#smokefreegeneration STORYTELLERS

  • Henry Banks / Community Activist & Organizer
  • Jill Doberstein / Essentia Health
  • Bonnie Dominguez / Community Health Advocate
  • Annie Harla / Regional Coord/ Statewide Health Improvement Partnership
  • Debra Hernandez / Community Health Worker
  • Portia Johnson / Elder, Community Advocate
  • Amanda Michelsen /  Birth Doula / Health Advocate, American Lung Association
  • Rashid Jiba / Community Health Advocate, American Lung Association
  • Liz Johnson / Senior Manager, American Lung Association
  • Pat McKone / Executive Director, American Lung Association
  • Isabella Meyer / Duluth Resident
  • Melissa Meyer / Parent, Early Childhood Development Advocate
  • Debra Smith / Tobacco Control Specialist,  American Lung Association
  • Kristine Sorensen / Teaching Artist / In Progress
  • Salaam Witherspoon / Community Health Advocate
a psa about the devastating effects of commercial tobacco use in the lives of young adults.