In Progress works with a set of qualified teaching artists that are hired to specifically address the needs of the individuals and communities In Progress partners with. In Progress has no employees but instead works with independent contractors.  This allows the organization to stay nimble and to operate in a highly efficient and effective manner.  Our roster of artists is diverse in age, cultural influence, and artistic expertise and includes the following:


Kristine Sorensen, Executive Director

Hlee Lee, Program Coordinator

Touchaingkong Yang, Logistics Coordinator

Xia Yang, Festival Director

Master Artists:

Xavier Tavera, Photography

Kristine Sorensen, Film/Photography

Phillip Winden, Music

Tou Saiko Lee, Music

Missy Whiteman, Film

Wing Young Huie, Photography



Jayden Diaz, Film

Isaiah Gatica, Film

Quanisha Hill, Photography

Sadie Jones Hill, Film

Cecilia Martinez, Film

Eemanna Rivers, Music

Galilea Rodriguez, Photography

Pang Thao Vang, Photography

Chanze Xiong, Music


Felipe Hernandez, Photography

Phylis Nicole Isham, Photography

Jeremy Gardener, Music

Tiana LaPointe, Film

Tomas Leal, Photography

Vong Lee, Music

Cassie McDuffie, Music

Binesikwe Means, Film

Cristina Rodriguez, Photography

Rebecca Rodriguez, Photography

Kristine Sorensen, Film/Photography

Nicole Staples, Photography

Joshua Strong, Photography

Katherina Vang, Photography

Melissa Vang, Photography

Schoua Na Vang, Music

Touchaingkong Yang, Film