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EXCHANGE Tour Planning
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EXCHANGE Tour Planning

INTRODUCTIONS- we will be sharing our stories of how we all go to be in the room together - what does it mean to be an artist and what does it mean to stand up with love for you community.

  1. COMMON THREADS - what do we have in common from one community to the next?  What are the ideas, conversations, images and stories that we think might resonate from one community to the next?

  2. LUNCH  (Krungthep Thai on Rice /  Noonish)  

  3. ARTWORK REVIEW - So having had this discussion - what images/videos do each of you want to share from your community.  We do not have to have firm decisions, but we should define a few anchor pieces per community.  Final decisions will be made jointly based on technical, aesthetic, and thematic with support from the curatorial team.  Kris will provide some baseline work for us to review, but feel free to bring in samples if you like.

  4. LOGISTICS - where do we present?  How will this all work?   What type of schedule will we have?  What will prints look like etc.    This is Q&A time, general planning time, etc.  

  5. FINAL THOUGHTS - Contracts, 1st payments and mileage reimbursements made.  Time to head home.  

This is a closed event -so please contact Kristine Sorensen at if you would like to find out more information.

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