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I enjoy creating narratives. The first film I watched too many times as a kid was the Matrix. I am no where near that good yet, but I inspire to create something better. I haven't done too many action films. A lot of my projects turn out to be suspenseful comedies with a hint of horror to them.

Have you ever watched a movie that left an impression on you? I want to make a movie like that someday. One that can make someone's day better with laughter, one that can make someone cry with a character, or one that can motivate someone to get off their couch and accomplish their goals.

Through filmmaking, I get the chance to tell all the random stories that come to my head. As a child, I would make up stories all the time. Some of those stories are still stuck in my head and are a little too elaborate for me to create right now, but hopefully I can show the world someday.


I still get the butterflies when I share my work with others. I usually do get a great response from my friends, but I'm not being told what I can improve on by them. I need to start getting myself out there and collaborating with other filmmakers to see what I can do better. I also have to get out of comfort zone and start casting local actors, rather than relying on my friends.

To become a better artist, I will just have to keep making more and more content. Look at the mistakes I made in each one, record it in a notebook, and remember to review that notebook every time I start a new project.