Katherina Vang

photographer /curator /  teaching artist   

photographer /curator /  teaching artist



Katherina Vang (a.k.a. Kat), under the pseudonym of "Maivab" (pronounced My-ah, means baby in Hmong), is a Fine Arts Portraiture Artist based from the Twin Cities (Mpls, St. Paul, MN). She graduated from Century College with an A.A.S. in Visual Communications Technologies with a Focus in Professional Photography.

She currently works at In Progress (a non profit organization that immerses itself into breaking down barriers of geography, class, education, and culture) & the Qhia Dab Neeg Film Festival (International Film Festival that focuses on advancing filmmaking and preserving storytelling in the Hmong community) as a Teaching Artist and Exhibit Curator. On the side, she does Freelance Photography, Retouching and Graphic Design. 


  • portrait photographer
  • adobe Light Room, Adobe Photoshop
  • lighting master
  • set creation & manipulation
  • curator
  • graphic design and marketing
  • teaching artist

Her visual arts journey started in middle school where she immersed herself into the graphic arts and eventually moved towards photography where she fell in love with the ability to capture light in various ways. In the way she fell in love with the arts, she also began her Self Portrait series as a way to heal from depression, anxiety and to learn self care. During this journey, she has been blessed to have her work shown and published in the United States as well as published nationwide.

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