BASIC facts

The North End neighborhood, has existed as an invisible, working poor community for generations.  For more than 150 years it has served as a home  for newly arriving immigrants and the poor.  In 2019, this has not changed. Our neighborhood continues to thrive on its diversity and accessibility for first time homeowners and renters. In recent years it was designated an “Area of Concentrated Poverty” by the Metropolitan Council and includes the following statistics:

  • 70 percent represent ethnic minorities,

  • 29 percent are foreign born,

  • 36 percent live below the poverty line,

  • 32 percent people are under the age of 18,

  • 61 percent live in rental housing,

  • 47 percent represent cost-burdened households.

VOICES OF THE NORTH END is dedicated to raising the visibility of North End residents and community goers.  Over the past few years In Progress with individuals and families that  consider the neighborhood their home. In Progress worked in partnership with the City of Saint Paul to identify residents willing to share their stories about what they appreciate most about the neighborhood.