Cindy Vue

 photographer / filmmaker

photographer / filmmaker


Cindy Vue is 16 year old, lives in Saint Paul and attends Harding Senior High School.  She knits and takes apart clothes and remakes them as an hobby.  She keeps busy with these hobbies moving from one activity to the next.

Cindy is also a digital storyteller with In Progress.  She began when she was just seven years old making her first film "I Am A Bird."  It was very successful, and was screened festivals throughout the United States.  She went on to create photographs and collaborated with other young makers at In Progress to produced the film "The Haunted Playground," another huge hit, and "My Friend."

Cindy took a big break from In Progress but has finally returned with the help of her friend Nou with the hopes of honing her professional photography skills.


DIGITAL JOUrneys photoshoot 1.21.18