Dhoua Vue

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movie maker



My name is Dhoua Vue.  I am six years old and I am a movie maker.  I'm really really nice and I am a very good artist.  I mostly make movies and draw.  I like to work with clay to tell my stories.  My movies are mostly about my family.  I even made a movie where my sister Ghia and I became mermaids. 




  • Basic video camera production;
  • story development;
  • imagination;
  • good drawer;
  • really good at making clay people.
  • Post-production editing in video;
  • Software applications Final Cut Pro.





Memory Seeds @ 2017

I made this movie to show how

The Family @ 2017

Mermaids by Dhoua Vue @2017

Summertime © 2017

Artist statement

I made this movie becauase....