Alvan Washington




portfolio samples


Alvan Washington is an African photographer best known for capturing subjects in motion, while adding subtle hints of surrealism. Self-taught, Alvan brings forth his background in filmmaking, to create still photographs of what would be

a critical scene in a movie he hopes to once be produced. After leaving Corporate America in pursuit of finding his place as an artist, Alvan has recently been exploring fine art photography as well as compositing to develop photographs that pushes his imagination.


Photography to me is taking the most powerful detail of a moment and sharing its essence in a perspective that’s authentic and expressive.

The photos displayed are all of current and budding Twin Cities artists, who range from people I met within the same day, the same month and multiple years. One thing I wanted to capture at the moment of each shoot was the energy I felt they were giving off at that very moment in time.

Occasionally, I’ll go into a shoot with an open mind and an open heart to how I feel about the subject at that very moment. No thorough planning. Each of the photos here are a part of this practice. In this way, the emotion of the photo is a raw interpretation of this moment in time.


I struggle with a lot of the technical skills. I want to have have a mastery of skill that will allow me to portray an idea both effectively and efficiently. I have a lot of ideas but i know I need guidance on technique.

Taking the time to learn from the artists before me in each discipline and learn from them. I really just want to take the time to truly appreciate each medium and understand it the fullest so I can learn how to use each to my advantage in my own art.