In Progress strives to collect useful data that is objective and quantifiable.  Data should shed light on who benefits from association with In Progress, as well as specific trends in both audience and operations.

DEMOGRAPHICS - Looking at the Big Picture

Knowing who we work with and where they come from is part of the data we collect and review to ensure we are meeting our intended audience.  In Progress strives to maintain its relationship with isolated communities and individuals that do not have ready access to digital art making tools or learning resources.  We work to keep data collection simple, keeping required responses to a minimum.  To that effect we use the following collection tools:

Registration  entered for every new person that comes to our north end studio.  

Sign In - entered each time someone enters the studio

Activity Report - entered for every activity that takes place as part of In Progress formal activities including both at our studio and elsewhere.

Studio Use - whenever someone requests to reserve In Progress monitored spaces, we collect and take note as to what, how and why the building is being used.

Equipment Loans - whenever someone requests to reserve In Progress equipment, we collect and take as to what, how and why the equipment is being used.

** We provide this data within our annual report, to our program funders, and St. Paul SPROCKETS - a local database serving youth in the Twin Cities.



Appreciative Inquiry - This assessment strategy was introduced in 2013 . It allows those that have a meaningful connection to our work to respond and guide us with personal feedback.  This process requires a greater commitment of time and thus is used strategically with our constituency.

Photo Journaling -  completed with each and every formal activity offered by In Progress.  Here programming staff will take a few photos of Product Assessment - this often takes place as works are being prepared for exhibit and is done either directly with the creator as part of an individual critique or in a more formal way 

Video Interviews - In Progress conducts periodic interviews with staff, alumni artists and participants.  This process requires a care to quality cinematography, editing and uploading.  However each year, In Progress will conduct anywhere from 10 to 20 video taped interviews.  Overtime, these interviews are archived and as time permits uploaded to a You Tube archive where the work may be seen by the public.  The greatest benefit of this form of documentation is the ability to define an individuals growth and engagement with their artistic voice and the organization over a long period of time (3-10 years).

Product AssessmentSome of the greatest investment In Progress makes, is in its assessment of the artwork produced through formally developed activities.  By understanding the relationships between investment in activity and resulting artistic products, stories are told about the ongoing quality of arts learning,  and the long term impact of developing arts communities.  Additionally, portfolio assessment provides critical insight into the individual development of new artists and can often pinpoint areas for continued learning. 

Intern Pre & Post Surveys -completed once at the beginning of an internship and once upon completion, providing

Intern Skill Assessment  completed once at the beginning of an internship and once upon completion.  The skill assessment is a thorough review of skill development.  It is used as a checklist to target areas of continued instruction, and to identify when an intern may be ready to lead others.  

Contractor Performance Assessment - to be completed prior to the issuing of final payments to contractors. The assessment ensures that contracts were successfully executed according to the written agreement; that products tied to contract were submitted and that a brief performance review was com, and measures basic performance quality.



Annual Reports - In Progress completes an IRS 990 form each year that documents the how funding and resources are used to accomplish the organization's mission.  A public, more user friendly document is also developed each year for the public that sites the organizations accomplishments, key statistical information, and insights on programming.  

Cultural Data Project - external reporting mechanism that focuses on the fiscal health and analysis of long term audience and service group trends.  Just click on the link above to review the details of their report.  Please note that In Progress meets all of the Cultural Data Project's Standards for 2013.

Accountability Wizard - external auditing mechanism that looks at bylaw, policy and financial compliance.  Just click on the link above to review details of their report.  Please note that In Progress meets all of the Charities and Review Council's Standards for 2013.