4PM   Concurrent Sessions

Preserving Our Traditions & Ceremonies

The Hmong Cultural Center is a nonprofit organization in St. Paul, MN founded in 1992. Their mission is to promote the personal development of children, youth and adults through cultural education while providing resources that enhance cross-cultural awareness between Hmong and non-Hmong. They will present about Hmong traditions and ceremonies.

Contact: Txongpao Lee, Hmong Cultural Center . 379 University Ave W #204 . St Paul, MN . (651) 917-9937

Hmong Voices In Media

Peb Hmoob TV is a Hmong News Station in Minnesota that focuses on telling stories of current events in the Hmong community. They go beyond the information provided in the local news. They are dedicated to providing a Hmong voices in media. They also understand the cultural sensitivity when covering breaking news in the community.

Contact: Mitch Lee . mitchlee6766@gmail.com . (651)-442-7698



Storytelling: Folktales and Hmong Oral History

Qhia Dab Neeg/Keeb Kwm - Tubyeeb Pajnruag Hawj will tell 2 folktales and explain when began to learn how to tell traditional Hmong stories. Oral storytelling was a way how Hmong people preserved their history and folktales. He will explain the importance of oral storytelling in the Hmong culture and how it has transformed into other mediums. But this workshop will provide the background of where Hmong storytelling originated and have passed on generations after generations. Now, we face changes and new disciplines that will shape the new form of Hmong storytelling.

Contact: Nancy Her  facebook . Tubyeeb Pajnruag Hawj . Public Relations . Hmong Radio . 612-300-0836 . www.hmongcorp.com


The Art of Hmong Radio

690AM is the local Hmong Radio in the Twin Cities. They provide world news to the Hmong community, attracting mostly Hmong elders who depend on their information via audio. They also educate the Hmong community on issues such as mental and physical health, laws, behavior and opportunities. They are highly accepted in the Hmong community as a radio station for the Hmong people. 

Contact: Kongsue Xiong . 1088 Payne Ave. . St.Paul, MN 55130 . Studio=651-774-5555 . kongsue690@yahoo.com . www.hmongradioam690.com


Filmmaker Panel

Hmong Filmmakers will share their stories of how they started making movies. They will share their goals as a filmmaker and what they like to accomplish in their career in the Hmong film industry. 

Filmmaker Porsha Chang is a screenwriter and director from Sacramento, CA. 916-317-5489              Filmmaker Yengtha Her is an actor, director, producer and screenwriter from St. Paul, MN



Meet & Greet Reception


Qhia Dab Neeg is a partnership between In Progress and Metropolitan State University.  MSU's Asian Student Association is also one of the festival's key sponsors for 2014.  If you would like to make a contribution to the festival and support Hmong artists continue a strong tradition of storytelling, you can click on the donate link below.