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Tuesdae Goldenstarr is a developing artist, with a passionate background of poetry and creative writing, recently taking an interest in photography.

Tuesdae’s favorite mediums of expression are mixed collage, charcoal, and watercolors.  Tuesdae has been recently inspired to capture simple images and the correlation between urban and rural lives.

Tuesdae is a true believer that art should be community-based, available to all, helping neighborhoods to voice their personal and cultural identities.



I always struggle to answer questions like these because, artistically, I’m somewhat all over the place; I’m a writer and an illustrator, a poet/ mc — however I express myself in many other ways as well, but those would be my core. In terms of both style and influence, I try to mimic life — drawing from experience and what I’ve been exposed to — as often as possible. I love creating things that speak to people — that resonate — that moves — that breathes. 

My relationship with art is more cathartic and therapeutic than anything else. It’s a way to give both my mind and spirit a break from the woes of being alive during these turbulent times. But also, I enjoy bringing joy into people’s lives, making them think, stirring them awake, so to speak. It’s what I’m here to do. 

Expressing ourselves creatively is at the core of who we are — building, sculpting, dreaming, etc etc. Look around.  We created everything — tangible and intangible. It’s important because it’s the foundation of All.  

I’ve struggled with three things for the entirety of my creative journey: finding time, while also trying to provide for myself, finding others to create and collaborate with on a consistent basis, and financing my artistic pursuits — because unfortunately, being an artist, especially a multidisciplinary artist, is ridiculously expensive.