Eemanna Rivers

poet / spoken word artist / digital musician / teaching artist

poet / spoken word artist / digital musician / teaching artist


Eemanna was born in October of 1998 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She started writing music at the age of 13 as a method of processing the world and her life circumstances.  She then began learning about recording at Powderhorn Parks music studio and she was later connected to In Progress and continued learning recording techniques on Pro-Tools there and she eventually became a teaching artist. 

Today she continues to learn and practice her skills as a music artist and is currently learning about the beat making process, djing and collaborating with other artists growing and developing her sound.

Eemanna is greatly inspired by artists from around the world. From Little Dragon to The Fugees she has a wide range of influences. She listens to Soul,  RnB, Afro-beats, Reggaeton, and Hip-Hop all heavily influencing her style and world view.

Eemanna creates in hopes that her music will inspire new audiences and allow them to connect with new ideas and messages.


  • songwriter

  • performer

  • poet

  • sound recording techniques

  • pro tools software applciation

  • sound engineering and mixing

  • beatmaker

  • teaching artist

portfolio samples


I am a multimedia artist inspired by art from around the world. Music is my primary craft but I enjoy the creative process in several mediums. I  create using media arts because I believe in the power of storytelling and the universality of the human experience.  The power of a story is infinite and without these traditions, we lose identity.

Colors by Eemanna Rivers            © 2017  

Wicked by Eemanna Rivers        © 2017

612 Brew Open Mic Performance  © 2016

Missed Education by Eeemanna Rivers        © 2015