Sound Recording Overview

Sound engineering can take years to learn.  Many of our teachings artists have benefitted from formal education from such places as McNally School of Music and IPR.  However others have gained great insight from a self-taught online process.  For those of you interested in dedicating time to the art of sound engineering we highly recommend that you start with the links below.  Once you have become comfortable then you may want to consider joining for more in-depth technical instruction.



Artistic Foundation

Artistic Process: Create or Make

Artistic Process: Perform or Present

Artistic Process: Respond or Critique

Minnesota State Standards in the Arts



Basic Sound Terms


Sound Recording Applications

Sound Recording TIps & Tricks

Soundboard Basics

Speakers & Headphones

Digital Audio Workstation Overview

Working In the Studio



ProTools Overview

Music Studio Step by step Instructions to Recording - D'Velle Montgomery

Setting Up a ProTools Session

ProTools Overview - A Video Tutorial

Pro Tools Study Guide

Pro Tools Flash Cards