singer / song writer

singer / song writer

Portfolio:  one song recorded but not yet completed.




My style is more acoustic and soft.  I have a couple of jazz styled songs and pop styled songs as well.  I keep my music generally pretty simple when I writeand record.

What motivates me is the effects art can have within a community and a person and their emotions.  Being able to impact an individual’s day by using art gives me motivation to do what I love knowing that it can express me but also relate to others.

Expressing myself creatively is important because I am someone with very few words.  So through a melody and art, I can speak in more ways than if I were to speak with just plain art.  It also gives a voice that more people listen to that will give more impact



As an artist, I find myself struggling with confidence.  I write and produce many songs, but my insecurities keep me from sharing them.  With this program I hope to become more confident and grow more creatively.  What can help me become a better artist is helping me be more creative and finding ways to make my music and films unique and interesting.  Also having lyrics that are better could help.