Watch this insightful documentary about the residents, business owners and community leaders that all call the North End neighborhood home. In Progress spent 2018 listening and learning about the diverse richness of our neighborhood that is reflected in this story of diversity, struggle and dreams.


The people that live in the North End are diverse, dynamic, and passionate about their neighborhood.


There is a strong history of small family owned businesses, standing along side our public library, schools, churches and rec centers.


The North End is home to public parks, the Rice Street Parade, and summer sporting activities.

The North End of Saint Paul, located north of the Capitol between Dale and I35E, is designated an “Area of Concentrated Poverty” by the Metropolitan Council as an area where at least 50% of residents are people of color and at least 40% of residents have family incomes less than 185% of the poverty level with the following demographics:

  • 70 percent are people of color, compared to 46 percent citywide

  • 29 percent foreign born, compared to 19 percent citywide

  • 36 percent are below the poverty line, compared to 22 percent citywide

  • 32 percent people under the age of 18, compared to 25 percent citywide

  • 61 percent live in rental housing, compared to 51 percent citywide

  • 47 percent cost-burdened households, compared to 38 percent citywide

In general, the North End’s residents, many of whom are new immigrants, are in the category of the working poor -- working multiple jobs at minimum wage, while raising children, taking care of elders, and maintaining households. Their voices are under-represented and they are disengaged in shaping their community.