There is a strong history of small family owned businesses, standing along side our public library, schools, churches and rec centers. Meet some of the people that are behind these places and learn more about why they value life in the North End.


Anirut & Jamie Ratanapampnsook


I really like the strong culture in this neighborhood. Our customers are from really different, races. So many races come here. Most of them are from the North End. They are very kind people. They are very positive thinking people. When they come, they always bring encouragement to our business. They care about how we are doing. So I feel really welcomed in the neighborhood.

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Kevin Barrett

Dar’s DOUBLE SCOOP /owner

“Dar's Double Scoop has been located in Saint Paul on the corner of Rice and Cook across from Lawson park since it opened in July of 2005.

Kevin Barrett is an extraordinarily generous and kind person, donating ice cream and food to community events throughout the neighborhood. If you ever stop by Dar’s Double Scoop you will also just how at home our local residents feel there. It is a “spot” where you will no doubt run into neighbors and friends, and perhaps represents the best representation of residents of any business in the neighborhood.



kamp’s Food Market/owner

The North End is an incredible neighborhood. When we bring people in from the outside, they are always so amazed by the access to parks and the richness in history, culture and community. I’m really feeling a sense of family and community regrowing. We suffered some challenges with job loss and with the housing crisis but we are rebounding. You can definitely feel that.


Richard akins

dollar store/employee

I have some of my fondest memories of the North End neighborhood. It's a hard-working part of St. Paul and everybody there is gritty. People work hard and the neighborhood is filled with working class families. There is a lot of history and culture there too. I frequent that area and I love the people there. There is a history in the neighborhood that includes different cultures and that is actually our strength. We need the city to invest more in the North End because our community deserves a fair shake.




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reza ghassem

angel shoe repair and tailoring

I’ve been running this shop for 28 years and people are very nice. Businesses are very friendly. The North End is revitalizing. They are making it like it used to be. In the 70’s the neighborhood went down a little bit. Now they are putting up new signs and new restaurants are opening. I like my work. The people that come here are very friendly. No complaints.




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Libby Law office

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Ronna woolery

lamplighter village

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