filmmaker / photographer   

filmmaker / photographer



I am Aida Al-Kadi I enjoy telling stories.  I am a filmmaker.  I have done both editing  and script supervisor. I have edited my films in Premiere. I am looking for opportunities to grow as an artist. 


Artist Statement

The silence of the world inspires me. The world community picks and choices who of us is important, who is the criminal and who is the saint. I watch the news and see how stories of color are not told. So I am inspired by giving life to stories of people who are just as valuable and have something to say.   I ask the question:  "Who will give my voice a voice?  Who will express me but me?  I want get good at telling stories that matter


  • script and continuity production oversight
  • Narrative editing
  • commercial/product based editing 
  • video producing


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Portfolio Samples

JIM? A different kind of man!
The ride of a lifetime, a journey we will all take!