Marsha Allen

entrepreneur / body tattoo artist 

entrepreneur / body tattoo artist 






Artist statement

My core artistic style would be through storytelling, videography and photography. My influences comes from past and present life experiences. With today's technology, people are able to tell their messages through a quick video or photo, and I believe this is a great way to affectively share stories to the mass community. I am motivated when I am able to educate others in a positive way.  It is important for me to express myself creatively because it will allow myself to share my work with others who are experiencing or going through the same struggles.


Some of the struggles I face as an artist is not knowing who to reach out to professionally.  I am looking forward to building a professional network and learning from others.   

2017 SpecificS

Work on developing a joint retail venture with my son with the following strategies:

  • conduct market research
  • further develop existing website - convert to square retail site
  • complete a cost analysis of the business
  • complete a profit loss project for 2017 with reachable financial goals
  • develop and implement a marketing strategy
  • succeed at the above listed items.