Harvey "YevraH" Bradley 



Who is Yevrah? Harvey Bradley Jr, an aspiring artist out of Saint Paul with hope of breaking the glass ceiling. 19 year old Harvey started singing at the age of 9 with tremendous inspiration from his mother. Her being a part of Church Choir aided Harvey in his melodies and song at a young age. In the past 3 years Harvey aka "Yevrah" has been curating his writing skills to speak on injustice in society. Not only by outing them, but by bring about abstract concepts to get people to think differently. He focuses a lot on identity and the labels that create them. Using these concepts in song and poetry. Harvey hopes to bring his words and song to the forefront of all art combined.


  • Pro Tools software application
  • Vocal mixing and mastering
  • Vocal recording
  • Song writing
  • Multimedia software applications
  • Microsoft word, Pages
  • Currently training in video production and editing,
  • Facilitating art events