CAeli Casey



Caeli Casey is 12 years old, is in the 6th grade and attends the Upper Mississippi Academy.    When Caeli was first asked to write her biography it took her some time to consider what it meant to be an artist, as the meaning is different for everyone.   To Caeli,  art is "whatever humans make and consider art."  She draws, paints and sculpts but enjoys painting the most.  

In 2017 Caeli joined the Digital Journeys Program at In Progress.  She is currently learning the art of filmmaking from her mentor Tiana LaPointe.    She hopes to create powerful and visually intriguing stories that audiences will want to view over and over again.

artist statement

 Caeli has an animated spirit and bring creativity to everything she does.  Along with the visual arts, she is also a performer and loves to sing and dance, something she hopes to bring into future work as she progress in learning digital media. 


Caeli Casey is new to digital artmaking but to date has learned the following skills; 

  • Video aesthetics and vocabulary;

  • Camera technique;

  • sound technique;

  • story planning.



Bullying © 2018

My video is about when being bullied , expressing yourself through art.  I hope to continue in In Progress maybe becoming a mentor someday.