Alejandra B. Castrejon




This is Alejandra, but most people refer to her as Ale(AL-E). She joined In Progress last October and has loved every moment of it. Her mentor is Katherina Vang, a professional photographer.  My mentorship has focused on the art of nature photography and how to work with natural lighting, camera manipulation, and the general aesthetics of photography.  It has all led to me taking much stronger and more meaningful photographs.

Along with photography, Ale likes to do archery, draw, experience new things and meet new people. She gets really nervous or shy when she meets too many people at once, but she is learning to get over those fear under her mentor's guidance.  The best part of learning photography has been the trips she takes when photographing .  like going on on long walks through the forest or walking along the frozen Mississippi.



  • DSLR Camera operation and technique
  • Photography vocabulary and aesthetics;
  • use of natural light in the portraiture process;
  • live photographic technique.


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