kouami AKAKPO ERIC "eric bob"

songwriter / hip hop artist / sound engineer

songwriter / hip hop artist / sound engineer




My name is Kouami Eric Akakpo. "Aka" Bobi Eric.  I am an artist currently living in Saint Paul, Minnesota in the United States – my home for the past 10 years.  I am originally from Benin, but I was born in Togo (Togoville), West Africa.   


artist statement

I have producing and performing my original music works since 2009.  I am self-taught in music, and highly skilled in sound recording and mixing techniques, specializing in Pro Tools.   I am known for recognizing talent and forming sound and media collaborations with local artists and performers.  My latest EP Close Chapter  tells the story of my struggles in life with family, friends and those “in & out” relationships we all experience.

I hope you in listening to my music that you too will feel the range of emotions placed within this original work. if you enjoy listening to it, please email me directly and let me know how it made you feel.  I am open to feedback as I still consider this a work in progress.  I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to spread the word.