Marquais hill

musician / writer / performer   

musician / writer / performer



Marquis Hill is an a aspiring artist that is making his stand to elevate the minds of others. He believes music is the key to life. Growing up he loved music fully, and when his  dad brought him to his first rock concert at the age of 6, he had no doubts that music would be a part of his life forever. 

Sound and creativity taught Marquais to be himself - and that music is an inseparable aspect of his being.   Rap and hip-hop are the foundation of his music, as he grew up surrounded by it.  From there, soul, blues and psychedelic entered his world and began to deepen his appreciation for the infinite possibilities. 

When he first started to feel the influence of rappers like 50 cent and Eminem, and Proof, he wanted to pick up on the game of rap and begin building his skills as a recording artist and producer.   When he came to In Progress a toured its music studio he knew he wanted to get more involved.  Now he is living his passion, creating music and connecting his music with other aspiring artists.   


Marquais Hill is skilled in the following forms of music creation, and performance: 

  • Sound vocabulary 
  • Sound recording techniques;
  • Beatmaking;
  • Pro Tools;
  • Lyric Writing;
  • Performance.


Artist statement for Be Like Water


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