Tiana LaPointe

filmmaker / storyteller / teaching artist

filmmaker / storyteller / teaching artist


My work as a documentary filmmaker began at the age of 13 living in the Twin Cities.  I made a video short through my school and immediately saw the power of the camera to tell stories.   It was a transformative experience.  Shortly into this path I was introduced to the Two Bulls family – it was 2004. My father told me about the Two Bulls family who were fighting to protect a sacred site in the badlands located on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  It was being desecrated by the National Park Service and other outside entities. I began my project planning and setting up interviews with the Two Bulls family.

The experience of presenting and speaking about a story I told on behalf of my people was transformative.  It began to set the tone of my life’s work which is to be a story-keeper for Indigenous communities and to teach other Native people to do the same.

 Over the years I have had to stop to raise my daughter through her early years.  It has been difficult to produce work during that period, but even then – I listened and gathered, and honed my skills.  Over the past several years I have collected interviews, worked in partnership to produce work with other artists and organizations and have taught.


  • documentary video production

  • oral historian

  • public speaking

  • K12 school residency work

  • workshop instruction K12

  • teaching artist



Email: tianalapointe@gmail.com

Portfolio Samples

My artistic philosophy is tied intrinsically to this history.  I base much of my work in how I prepare and craft an interview.  I spend time to learn about and connect to the people I am representing, and I listen.  I use images of land, and the life connected to that land, as it relates to the story being told.  I work in partnership with the people that are at the center of the story and through this process I have committed myself to interpreting their sacred stories.  I am an artist that strives to show the beauty of our people, the power of our histories, and the injustices faced because of outside interests.

 I am still developing my artistic style.  This is why I am an emerging artist.  But my foundation is strong and the path I am following as a filmmaker is sure and steady.