vong lee

poet / spoken word artist / sound engineer

poet / spoken word artist / sound engineer


I've been writing poetry since elementary and my style of writing evolved to strictly rhyming in jr. high. In high school, my older brother Tou influenced me to take it more seriously and so I started writing full songs. In my songs, I reflected upon my struggles, my history, my family, friends and beliefs.  As an artist, I'm motivated by self expression. I sometimes need an outlet to lay my thoughts down on and through my writing, I'm able to do that. It helps me reflect and analyze.



When you express yourself creatively, you are being very original with your expression. You have to truly express from the heart and let it speak in the way you hear it. It's honest expression and that's very important and needed to inspire others as well as yourself.



I struggle with lack of peer feedback. I sometimes don't have a group I can trust to share my work with and get constructive feedback from. I also lack the motivation and inspiration to continue to create. When I used to write a lot, there were many other artists who inspired me musically and currently record companies have phased all of those artists out.

I'll become a stronger artist when I start creating a plan for myself, as well as setting goals for myself. Also when I can get peer input and peer support on my work. Also, just being exposed to more artists/art to inspire me.