Cha Lor




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Cha Lor is an self-taught amateur photographer located in Saint Paul, MN. Cha was born in Thailand in 1993 and later immigrated to Minnesota with her family in 1994. Shortly after receiving a point and shoot camera for her 13th birthday, Cha came to be a part of In Progress in 2007 where she discovered her love for photography. In between working a full-time and part-time job, Cha likes to photograph and experiment with both digital and film photography. She has been shooting in 35mm film since 2015 and 120mm film since Summer 2016. Cha hopes to expand her knowledge in film photography and connect with other photographers/artists.


Artist Statement

In Fall 2015 I invested in a shutter release remote for my Canon t3i. Most of my ideas come to mind and often times I tried to sketch out the images on paper. The ideas came fast while others lingered. The ideas that were etched into my mind made me anxious and sometimes it made me moody because I wasn’t able to execute the shoot due to my work schedule. I almost knew immediately, without editing the photos, if the shoot was successful order. If my heart was in it, it was always a success.

I’ve always used photography as a form of self-expression as well as documentation. As a young teenager I had fears of losing my eyesight and memory. What would be left of me if there isn’t any proof I ever existed? I wrote in my journal quite frequently and photographed almost everything; leaving evidence of my existence in any way possible. As I grew older I stopped shooting and writing – only to find that I was torturing myself, self-destructing in the loudest silence.