Vincent Lu

musician / sound engineer / teaching artist

musician / sound engineer / teaching artist


I grew up in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. In Brooklyn Park, I learned how to play classical piano and started Bboying. I joined Bboy crew "The Loonies" in 2007 and have been dancing with them since. I moved into the city when I was 19, I started studying golden era hip hop, disco, rock, house music through collecting vinyl and cassette tapes. I furthered my study on music and dance by taking a trip out to New York City in 2013. For the whole summer, I was hosted by a pioneer of many NYC street dances. I received education for the cultures of house, hip hop, loft, and rock dance. That summer i began to practice house dance. This also deepened my study of music. Eventually, me and a friend finally decided to try making hip hop music ourselves and we bought an Akai MPC studio. I begun making beats with it in 2015 from sampling from my vinyl and cassette collection. Dancing and theory from classical piano helped me pick it up quickly, but I still sought mentorship fast. I was quickly able to get guidance from "Ezi beats", Tommy "Tommy Karate" Taylor , DJ Cassieopeia, Matt Jarvi, Vong Lee, Jesse Ho, Shu Lor, and Renee Copeland. Within the one year of having the MPC, I performed at an open mic. This got me my first show at Heavy Rotation with Ezi Beats. After doing shows, I began to collaborate with artists and produce for artists. I have worked with Cassieopeia, Kelsey Pyro, Matt Jarvi, Pluto, Yevrah, Kalhoun, Ian Marquez, Eemanna Rivers, Jesse Ho, Gonkama Johnson, Ashley Mari, Renee Copeland, Essjay the Afrocentric Ratchet, Osirus Lane, Phuture Hi Def, Ezi Beats, King Beeph, Lulah Saleh, Moromo, Phd, and Yafet the Swami. Having recorded most of the artists I have collaborated and produced for, I had to learn engineering. I have gotten engineering mentoring from Vong Lee and Shu Lor. I have 3 years of engineering experience. Recently, I have decided it would be a good idea to get advice from an Industry producer. In December 2018, I attended a 5 hour session with !llmind. I now belong to 3 crews: The Loonies, Vyce Versa (with Yevrah, Pluto and Kalhoun), Butter Biscuit Beats (with Matt Jarvi, Casseiopeia, and Kelsey Pyro). I also have three collaborative projects that are in the process of releasing later on this year. One with Yevrah, one with Matt Jarvi, Kelsey Pyro, Dj Casseiopeia and one with Gonkama.


  • Logic Pro X

  • Pro Tools

  • Akai MPC

  • Korg Volca Sample

  • Classical Piano

  • Analog keyboards

  • Hardware routing and maintenance 


portfolio samples

Artist Statement

I make music to be rooted. I make music for community." Vin Lu has been in music since he was 7 years old. Starting out, playing piano, later on getting into bboying, house dance and beat making. He has travelled with his crew, The Loonies, across the nation. He has spent time learning history from pioneers. He has danced on stage to the likes of Grandmaster Caz, Grandmaster Melle Mel, and Kool Herc.

I am dedicated to passing on knowledge, history, and practicing respect for Hip Hop's roots.