Kri KaiRa Saw

filmmaker / phtoographer

filmmaker / phtoographer



Kri KaiRa Saw also know as Kri Baw was born in Karen State, Burma. He moved to Karen refugee camp in Thailand when he was 9 year old due to the civil war in his country. He spent seven years in refugee camp before having a chance to come to America. He and his family moved to the United States in the end of 2011. He went to LEAP high school and later moved to Como Park senior high school and graduated in 2015. He started to attend Saint Paul college in 2016 and finished it by the end of 2017 with Association Of Art degree. He always spent time singing alone in his bedroom when he has free time. He started to play guitar when he was 13 year-old and he also start to write some songs starting the age of 15. He plans to write more songs in future. He joined the In-Progress recently and he was passionate to learn anything new to achieve his dream in music. He try to learn how to record, mixing and mastering the songs.



  • Basic video camera production;
  • portraiture photography
  • basic software skills