Strategic Plan 

Over the next two years, In Progress will put into action a strategic plan dedicated to serving the organization’s mission, while deepening the long-term stability of the organization as follows:

Deepen and refine the impact of organizational programming

  • Refine and implement the reflective, continuous improvement process.
  • Document our collective network of resources and ideas.
  • Articulate the guiding principles and best practices of the organization.

Grow the organization in a sustainable, intentional way

  • Build funder investment to support the next phase of organizational development.
  • Modify the organizational structure to accommodate infrastructure development and new programming.
  • Develop a plan for facilities and technology management.
  • Prepare the next generation of artists to lead the organization 

Educate others to the guiding principles and practices of the organization.

  • Provide quality professional mentorship and leadership training for artists invested in driving the future of the organizational model. 
  • Develop a work plan that incorporates new programmatic vision.


Work Plan 

Over the next two years, In Progress will take the following actions to meet the vision of the strategic plan.  It is understood that with every strategy, plans change and actions must then adapt to meet those changes.  The below listed work plan should act as a guide for action, with room for revision as needed.  

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