Panghoua Thao

singer / song writer   

singer / song writer






Created outline and established a CD concept with specific songs and song titles and did completed a recording with Vong. Project in progress. 


I believe everyone expresses themselves differently and in a way that they feel most comfortable; for me, it’s through music because music allows me to do whatever I want to do my own way without having to do ‘me’ a certain way.



I like to write and sing pop ballad originals, but I also like to sing with my a cappella group (In Harmony). Some of my favorite artists are Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, and other pop artists.   What motivates me to do what I do is my passion for music. Music is a channel for me to express myself as well as do what I love to do. I don’t do it for the fame or money, I do it because I want to be an inspiration to others. 



As an artist, I would say that I struggle with having time to really work on music. I teach music, but to set time apart for my own personal studio times is difficult because I do so much with my life on the side. For example, I tend to do school full time and work full time along with volunteering at my church on the weekends and leading my music program during the week. Sometimes I do too much (but that’s just my personality too) which can cause me to not have enough time to really work on my music.   Another struggle that I have is not having the equipment I want/need to be a recording artist. I struggle with saving up money for personal reasons along with paying for school.