Mona Smith

Community artist and programming partner for the 2010 Indian Treaties Project


1. Considering all your experience with In Progress, what is one achievement that you personally are most proud of? Why is this achievement important to you? What does it represent?: Participation of In Progress in the Why Treaties Matter project. Having youth gather media assets and information enhanced the appeal and use of the project.

2. What did it take for us at In Progress to achieve this accomplishment? What strengths do we have that helped us succeed?: Great skills, great relationships, high quality work, a deep understanding of native people and communities.

3. What do you think makes In Progress unique? What 2-3 things are at our very core that make us stand out from other arts programs or youth development programs?: Honest to god diversity. It is multicultural. There are youth and adult artists of many communities involved at the core. And the level of training and product: it’s really high quality work.

4. As you think about In Progress, what do you value most? What keeps you engaged here?: I’m just so impressed with how they operate. I’m so impressed that they provide a home for media artists and that hours aren’t part of it. It’s a home.

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