Caytlyn Isham

Caytlyn is originally from the Cass Lake/Bemidji area, but we at In Progress associate her with our summer workshops in Nett Lake Village.  Caytlyn recently graduated high school and is now on her way to study art at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.


1. Considering all your experience with In Progress, what is one achievement that you personally are most proud of? Why is this achievement important to you? What does it represent?: I am proud of everything, working with In Progress expanded my ideas and concepts of art, my spirituality, and heritage. In Progress has given me the determination and support to continue towards being a successful artists. To me, it is my future, my life.

2. What did it take for us at In Progress to achieve this accomplishment? What strengths do we have that helped us succeed?: The biggest strength is support, Kris is very loved in Nett Lake and gives such great opportunities to the community to express ourselves and our culture. For me specifically it was the fact that she brought all the equipment for us, and taught us how to use it so the Teaching Artists can help others. I really am very appreciative that In Progress promoted the films and photos, sending them to film festivals and such, I believe the greatest strengths are a combination of support, assistance, and allowing us to experiment with art and creative expression.

3. What do you think makes In Progress unique? What 2-3 things are at our very core that make us stand out from other arts programs or youth development programs?: In Progress supports indigenous heritage, uniqueness, human acceptance, safety, and all the other communities that need to speak and be heard, even the hilarious children that just want to have fun. I believe In Progress's strength is all the artists it helps, giving us the opportunity to freely create our own voices through the equipment that most of us could not afford. In Progress is a safe place to express anger, sadness, happiness, joy, and pride so we may expand and develop our morals.

4. As you think about In Progress, what do you value most? What keeps you engaged here?: I love that In Progress actually listens to us and doesn't try to raise us and expand our knowledge forcefully, we are able to grow and learn at our own pace while supporting other In Progress artists. We have people around us that are willing to give us critical advice without judgement which allows us to flourish creatively. My family has been engaged with In Progress since I was a baby, even before then, so not only am I proud to work with the In Progress family and am proud to represent generations and my family, I hope to keep working with In Progress in the future.

all thoughts presented on this page have been given with permission from the person interviewed.