Nancy Bordeaux

Nancy Bordeaux is a parent to three In Progress artists including Tiana LaPointe, our Studio Manager.  She is a community advocate and a healing presence within our community.  **Permission pending.


1. Considering all your experience with In Progress, what is one achievement that you personally are most proud of? Why is this achievement important to you? What does it represent?: My daughter works there of course, but I went to their Sunday Portraits. As I woman I didn't really want to have "my" picture taken, but I went because of my granddaughter. I wanted to have a family picture. When the images were posted by my daughter, we really got a lot of good feedback from the community about our family. And to have all the grandmothers together in the picture really strengthened the family and for my granddaughters future.

2. What did it take for us at In Progress to achieve this accomplishment? What strengths do we have that helped us succeed?: I like that they welcome all nationalities and are open to the community. I always wanted to do a "family" picture, but I never thought about the whole family with the grandmothers and all, but in-progress opened the door to that.

3. What do you think makes In Progress unique? What 2-3 things are at our very core that make us stand out from other arts programs or youth development programs?: I have seen over the years, that they have created a safe place and space for young people to tell their story. Also to take and teach and share about the land, history, sacred sites so it opens doors. I even seen young people filming along the river. Getting that connection to the land. that's important and encouraging.

4. As you think about In Progress, what do you value most? What keeps you engaged here?: I value most that they are able to do the work in the past with the present and look to the future. With media arts creating a visual path. Sometimes people dealing with trauma do something positive and to see that coming from themselves is healing.

all thoughts presented on this page have been given with permission from the person interviewed.