Film production requires many skills and can take years to learn.    The essence of how images, sounds and movement are weaved together to powerful stories requires a level of creative and critical thought that is often taken for granted.  For those  interested in dedicating time to the art of filmmaking, we highly recommend that you start with the link below.  Our curriculum is based in the foundational principles of the art form and are important for creators of all age to be well grounded in.



Photography is a visual art form that though familiar to many is far less often treated as an artistic discipline.    For those of you interested in going beyond the selfie and move deep into understanding visual expression then we highly recommend that you start with the links below. 



Sound recording taps into an incredible array of artistry from writing, to the art performance, to beat making and sound  engineering.  Where to start in this art form is often hard to decide.  In Progress is in the process of developing curriculum in this area but we still have a ways to go.   Please consider checking out what we have started and feel free to provide us with feedback as we continue to build our curriculum in this area.