Kristine Sorensen

I am an artist, a mentor and a professional. My life revolves around the work of In Progress and all of the amazing people that I have connected with through my role as a media artist and organizer. I made my first films as a child but did not seriously consider filmmaking as a career choice until my mid twenties. In the late 1980s I began working in the media education field and haven't looked back since. My love for this work stems from a genuine curiosity about people and the lives they lead. Since beginning this journey, I have witnessed the most amazing stories. I have laughed and cried, made friends, lost friends, learned about myself, and about the many ways we as human beings experience the journey of life. I am a fortunate individual.

I have been the executive director for In Progress since 2000. I give what time I can to work with our board of directors to progress the work of this unique organization. Because In Progress has no paid employees (we are all volunteers or contractors), I tend to take care of many duties. I designed and maintained the website; I order all of our supplies, I supervise contractors and volunteers, manage the books, write grants, meet with the public, write curriculum and administer a majority of the activities that take place at In Progress. Now don't get me wrong - yes I work hard, but I get to have allot of fun in the process. My passion is working directly with our partner communities as a mentor to young artists but I also enjoy the many other activities related to keeping In Progress "on the road."